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COVID-19 Calculator

The following calculator is designed to assist Landlords and Tenants understand the Code Of Conduct Guiding Principles for commercial leases.

Simply put in the assumptions of how long you expect the COVID-19 Pandemic to last, when you expect the Relief period to end and re-payment to begin, and some basic lease information. The calculator will give you a guide to the expected repayment over the remaining term of the Lease (repayment over at least 24 months minimum).

SME Basic COVID-19 Mandatory Code of Conduct Calculator

Note: If less than 24 months to Lease Expiry above, then the additional Amount for repayment assumes 24 months to repay (as per the Code). This may extend beyond the remaining term of the Lease.

  1. Downturn in Revenue should be justified by Certified Financials. Code is only applicable to SME with less than $50m annual turnover and Tenants who are eligible for JobKeeper. Please contact your Pure Property Manager to discuss.
  2. A reasonable period should be allowed after Rental Assistance has ceased before repayment of Deferred amount commences.
  3. NSW and VIC: Allow until end of Lease and minimum of 24 months.
    QLD: Minimum 24 months and maximum 36 months for repayment.

Legal Disclaimer — This Code of Conduct COVID-19 Calculator is provided as a guide only. Landlords and Tenants should seek independent advice from their advisors. Any variation to the Lease, including payment variations, plans, waivers, and deferments should be properly documented and agreed by both parties.

Should you have any question about how to use this calculator or its results, please contact PurePM.

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