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Commercial Management: Warehouse & Factory

By Chris Graham (National Director, Strategic Growth )

A factory and a warehouse, are they the same. There the same right? Before I began learning about Commercial Real Estate, I thought the two would be the same with descriptions used interchangeably. Sure, they both keep assets in them, however the nature of these assets held is a nice place to start to see the difference between them.

Warehouses tend to be used to store intermediary type goods used in the production process, they are commercially designed to store materials and inventory.

Factories on the other hand are generally used for the manufacturing of the materials and inventories that are stored in the warehouses.

Other Major Differences

  • Factories are often full of machines for manufacturing;
  • Warehouses are often large spaces for storage and distribution of goods;
  • Example of users of a warehouse could be a wholesaler;
  • Example of a factory is a car manufacturer;
  • Warehouses may have only minimal employees;
  • Factories often employ numerous workers to operate machinery in order to manufacture goods.

Any Similarities?

Factories and Warehouses are for commercial use regardless of the design and functionality will generally both be in Industrial locations with ease of access to arterial roads and close to major highways; Factories may even have rail corridors with efficiencies in distribution in mind.

Seeking the services and advice of an experienced Commercial Property Manager is important when it comes to leasing and managing a warehouse or factory. This advice is important to the landlord for reasons including but not limited to:

  • A dedicated team who are there to maintain and protect all parts of your property while maximising returns;
  • Enhancing the value of the investment only comes from prudent management. A tailored management system can optimise building portfolio performance; 
  • Choosing a specialist commercial management firm gives you one point of contact who is in control of the total care of your investment increasing peace of mind;
  • Frees up the landlord’s time to concentrate on core business;
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that every aspect of the property is being managed, providing better returns, tenant security, and efficiency.

 An experienced commercial agent can oversee all areas of management in order to maximise the return to the investor year after year.

  • Regular rent reviews;
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling;
  • Commercially tailored management software system;
  • Cost savings in outgoings;
  • Process and procedure;
  • Investor minded approach to asset management;
  • Oversee the entire areas off property management.

Here are some testimonials from our landlords

Jane Lestone has been managing my investment properties for almost 20 years. Jane is very professional and has always ensured I have reliable tenants in my properties and that they are managed cost effectively – I don’t have to worry about a thing. It is hard to find a good property manager and I would highly recommend Jane to anyone looking for a highly capable and trustworthy person to manage their property.” Anna, Newcastle

“We are very happy with Anna Deam managing our property. She has been approachable, hard working and reliable. Her expertise, attention to detail and professionalism have been a great help to us as property owners. Thank you, Anna. “Chris and Cheryl

“We knew there had to be a better way. After years of dissatisfaction with large agencies that collected rent while pretending to manage our assets, we changed to Pure Property Management and have never looked back. Our tenants in NSW and Qld now have managers that engage with them regularly, ensure that our interests are protected, and the properties are looked after. It’s a win-win and we couldn’t be happier with the service that Pure Property Management provides to us. The Pure team are our one-stop shop for all lease, outgoings, maintenance, outgoings, rent, and service contracts. We thoroughly recommend Pure Property Management for all commercial asset management.” Mango Property

Needing advice on Commercial Asset management of a Warehouse or Factory investment? With close to 100 years combined commercial property experience, the team at PURE pride itself on creating strong and fruitful relationships for all our clients. We understand how important it is to maximise return from your investment. We get it right from the start. Property Management is all we do. Get in touch with us at PURE Property Management today.

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