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Client Feedback Survey Results

The Results Are In!!!!

We would like to thank everyone who took to time to complete the recent client feedback survey. Over 25% of our owners responded.

In a serviced based industry, businesses often choose to not seek feedback for fear of what that feedback might be. More often than not people will willingly spend the time to provide negative feedback, but are less inclined to take to time to provide positive feedback. Therefore a large amount of businesses chose to adopt the approach that “no news, is good news”.

This is not the approach we choose.

Just as we always endeavour to proactively manage our clients investments, we also want to ensure we are actively seeking feedback from our clients and providing them every opportunity to offer opinions and suggestions on areas they feel we may be able to improve the service we provide.

At PURE we are always open to feedback and we are extremely pleased with the results of the recent survey. We appreciate that everyone has very busy lives, so for so many of our clients to have taken the time to provide such wonderful responses is very fulfilling.

Overall you scored us 4.8 stars out of 5

Average Rating 4.8

We were also pleased to see that our clients feel we are very responsive to requests or challenges that arise.

There have been many times over the years and more recently where our team really has had to ensure that we have relied on the systems and procedures we have in place to make certain our clients and their tenants are fully supported through challenges they may face. Specifically, we have had navigated many rounds of COVID lockdowns and more recently, sever weather events.

Each of these situations has really shown us that the time and effort we spend building relationships with both our clients, their tenants and tradesman, combined with efficient systems and procedures is what has allowed us to navigate these situations so successfully.

Commercial Property Challenges

It is often said that a referral is the greatest compliment, and at PURE we agree.

Our clients have provided us with a 76% Net Promoter Score, and for us, this isn’t something that came as a huge surprise, as we are very pleased that we have constant growth purely attributed to referrals and word of mouth recommendations.

Net Promoter Score


If you do know anyone that could benefit from our specific commercial property management service please feel free to pass on your licensee’s details.

I would like to thank everyone again for providing feedback and would very much encourage all of our clients to reach out to their licensee or myself if they ever have any additional feedback, suggestions or recommendation they would like to provide.

The Lucky Winners for responding to our survey are: Sean and Laura. Well done and thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. 

PurePM Survey WinnerPlease reach out to your Pure Commercial Asset Specialist if we can be of any further help.

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