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How to Switch Commercial Real Estate Agents

As a Real Estate Asset Manager for over 20 years I often find that a lot of owners put all Property Managers in the same basket and don’t immediately realise that there are property managers that are have made it their career and their mission and be so much more than be a property manager in name only.

Managing rental properties, especially commercial real estate properties requires a great deal of resources, time, experience and knowledge to run smoothly.  As an investor you should be able to rest easy knowing that your investments are being taken care off.  You should be able to carry on your day-to-day life knowing that you’ve got someone on your side that is constantly thinking of your best interests.

If you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving, or regret not doing the research to find an excellent management company who gets the results that you are looking for then that is when you know it is time at the very least to start discussing your options with alternative commercial real estate agents.

PURE understands that, for property owners, the thought of switching commercial property agents can create feelings of apprehension and concern, making the time to do the research and applying the energy required to interview and research options feels like an uphill battle.  It is no wonder that many unhappy landlords put it off and continue to suffer with the “devil they know”.

The good news is, changing to your managing agent doesn’t have to be hard at all and the benefits are real!

At PURE we do all the hard work for you.  If an investor wishes to transfer a single property or their entire portfolio to our care, we handle the changeover from start to finish, all you need to do is appoint us and we take care of the rest, down to every detail. The whole process is easy and stress free for you.  We understand that the last thing any landlord wants is to have an uncomfortable conversation with a managing agent they are already unhappy with. The reality is, behind closed doors the current managing agent may have been expecting this day to come so it was just a matter of when not if they were ever going to be told their services were no longer required.

We are regularly taking over properties that have been mismanaged by other agents.  Recently I met an investor who was considering self-managing as he felt he was doing all the work anyway the agent was nothing more than a “glorified rent collector” and was paying a “middleman” for no perceived value.

The owner and his family had finally made the choice that they couldn’t stay with their current commercial property manager as they discovered that the outgoings hadn’t been reconciled correctly for three years leaving them out of pocket of a significant amount of money.  When asked why he should appoint PURE and I listed several reasons but the main one was that we are specialised in the field of commercial real estate asset management — that is all that we do. The owner agreed that it was a very specialist field and required an expert so the returns on their commercial property assets were optimised.

The sad tale to this otherwise happy ending is that what these owners have experienced is an all too common occurrence  who often are completely unaware that their money is falling through the cracks.

Commercial real estate asset management is what we do, we are not a residential property management and sales business trying to manage a few commercials on the side.  Our software and systems are specialised and tailored to commercial asset management,which all but removes the possibility of “human error” out of outgoing reconciliations, increases and other key dates in the lease.

Each of PURE’s office’s has a Licensee that is a vested owner in the business, so that way you can be assured that the all the appropriate care and attention is given and that the all too normal turnover of property managers do not occur — therefore given you solid and consistent service.

If you would like to look at your options and start taking advantage of the better service available to you, then feel free to contact one of our PURE licencees to see how we can make owning investment properties the easy, enjoyable and rewarding experience it should have been from the very beginning.

Call Jane Lestone in our Hunter/Port Stephens office on 0427 776 776, Tim in our Sydney office on 0458 776 776 or Anna in our South East Queensland/Northern Rivers office on 0429 776 776.