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Luke Kingdon

About Luke

With a solid foundation in property economics, Luke launched his career in commercial property, seamlessly blending academic knowledge with practical experience.

Luke’s intrigue with real estate was sparked when his parents revealed the substantial increase in the value of their family home, where he had resided for 13 years. This revelation fueled his ambition, leading him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Property Economics at QUT.

Since graduating, Luke has delved into property investment, acquiring his first investment property and eagerly seeking opportunities for further development and expansion in the property market.

Luke’s dedication to providing exceptional service was honed during his tenure at a Michelin-grade restaurant, where he consistently exceeded expectations and went the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.

In his role as an assistant in commercial property management, Luke thrives in the dynamic environment, tackling new challenges and seizing opportunities each day. He plays a pivotal role in supporting the smooth operation of commercial properties, handling lease administration, tenant relations, property maintenance, and financial analysis with meticulous attention to detail and a proactive problem-solving approach. Luke’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in his efforts to foster positive relationships with tenants and stakeholders, consistently aiming to surpass expectations and deliver outstanding service.

Luke Kingdon Pure Property Management

Luke Kingdon

Commercial Property Officer - Brisbane

Call 0000 000 000

Pure Property Management was established to provide a dedicated property management service that focuses 100% on Commercial Asset Management.

With over 100 years combined commercial property experience, the team at Pure Property Management offer a specialised Commercial Asset Management service across NSW and QLD. The PURE team is dedicated to providing a service that makes owning commercial property an easier and more rewarding experience.

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