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Gabby Cannon

About Gabby

Gabby’s interest in Real Estate was first sparked in 2011 from her personal experience of buying her first home. Over the next few years her interest in property grew which then led her to complete her Certificate 4 in Property Services and pursue a professional career in Residential Real Estate.

In 2022 Gabby made the move over to Commercial Real Estate, which further ignited her passion for the industry.

She brings a variety of experience to the team having worked across multiple roles, including sales, property management, administration, and customer service. Gabby is very adaptable and has excellent time management skills. With her previous experience in customer service, Gabby excels working in a fast-paced environment whilst ensuring she maintains a high standard of work.

Her approachability and friendliness allow her to support those around her and she always brings her can-do attitude to work every day.

Gabby Cannon Pure Property Management

Gabby Cannon

Commercial Property Manager

Call 0457 776 776

Pure Property Management was established to provide a dedicated property management service that focuses 100% on Commercial Asset Management.

With over 100 years combined commercial property experience, the team at Pure Property Management offer a specialised Commercial Asset Management service across NSW and QLD. The PURE team is dedicated to providing a service that makes owning commercial property an easier and more rewarding experience.

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