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Pure Property Management was established to provide a dedicated property management service that focuses 100% on Commercial Asset Management.

Commercial property management is our core business and we believe it is the most important aspect for you to achieve successful results. With over 100 years combined commercial property experience, the team at Pure Property Management offer a specialised Commercial Asset Management service across NSW and QLD. The PURE team is dedicated to providing a service that makes owning commercial property an easier and more rewarding experience.

Pure Property Management understands that a huge amount of income can be lost through poor management. Most agencies that offer commercial management, provide this service as a second or third priority behind their sales department. This means that simple items such as rent reviews, maintenance and service contracts are often over looked and not closely considered to ensure the owner is receiving maximum benefit.

Pure offers our clients peace of mind with our team’s time and commitment dedicated to ensuring you are always receiving the most from your investment.

The difference you can expect to receive from PURE is:



You will be allocated one asset manager who will oversee all areas of management surrounding your property. You will deal directly with this one point of contact.



You will have a close working relationship with your asset manager so that you can contact them at any time and have any query answered immediately.



Your tenants will have regular face to face contact with your asset manager to ensure they feel supported in their business ventures and comfortable within the space they are occupying. A satisfied tenant ensures long term relationships and reduced periods of vacancy. 



As an exclusive commercial management agency our clients can be assured that we have the correct systems and resources in place to ensure that they are always receiving the most out of their investment.

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Pure is a specialist commercial asset manager. Other agencies treat property management as an after-sales thought, where it’s our core business so we get it right every time.

Commercial property management really is a specialist skill that is much more complicated than residential management. All of our managers are experienced and have seen it all before. We often take on managements from other agencies and find that outgoings haven’t been fully recovered, annual increases haven’t been applied, or maintenance hasn’t been completed, leading to lost revenue and expensive capital replacement.

Commercial management is normally much less than residential management and often a recoverable expense from the Tenant. Call us for an obligation free assessment. If you’re not completely satisfied after 3 months we’ll refund your management fee in full. That’s how confident we are that we add value.

We manage your leasing and renewals, rent collection, outgoings payments, service contracts, facilities management, repairs and maintenance, regular inspections with full reports, and we provide monthly and annual financial statements for you and your accountant. We also organise fit-out and make-goods when new tenants start.

Pure manages all types of commercial assets, including: light industrial sheds, small retail shops, pubs, cubs, cafes, fast-food outlets, service stations, restaurants, gyms, cinemas, strata properties, large format retail centres, shopping malls, medical and lifestyle centres, office, industrial, student accommodation and council assets.

We actively seek out new tenants and often partner with an additional agency to minimise down-time. Vacancy is expensive, and as owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to turn around vacant spaces quickly. We’ll also help you understand what’s happening in the market at the time for rent and incentives. Pure will negotiate for you and put a Heads of Agreement to the tenant outlining your terms. Once agreed, we’ll liaise with your solicitor to have them draft the lease.

It is a challenging time for landlords and businesses. We’re proud to say that we have had 100% retention during this period. The key to success has been good communication to help landlords and tenants understand each others position and work together to achieve a win-win solution. We share the pain too; if rent isn’t being collected we don’t take any management fees, but the owners and tenants still benefit from our full service while we all get through this challenging period.

Pure understands that landlords and tenants share the business risk. It’s also important to get the right tenant at the start, so we work hard to understand the tenant’s business before offering them a lease. We have all different kinds of tenants; from mum-and-dad retail shops right up to Fortune-50 companies in institutional assets. It’s in everyone’s interest that the tenant’s business succeeds and the tenant is in a great position to meet their obligations. We work closely with tenants to understand their business and help them meet their goals. A happy tenant is a happy landlord.

We work closely with many agents in the areas we service. You may already have a good relationship with a sales agent and we happy to work with them. Because we don’t provide sales and concentrate purely on management, there is no competing priorities and we can recommend the agent we feel will achieve the best price for you. We’ll help the agent throughout the process with inspections, tenancy schedules, outgoings, and financial information.

Pure has offices that service the east coast of Australia; from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Norther Rivers, Port Stephens, Newcastle, Maitland, Central Coast, to Sydney and the Southern Tablelands. We’re also happy to assist with regional assets on a case by case basis and we are expanding into other areas due to strong demand.

As an owner, you will have one point of contact. As owners ourselves, we found it frustrating getting a run-around to 3 different people in an organisation with no redundancy, so our model is different. Your one point of contact will have a close working relationship with you. They will meet all your requirements and report back to you themselves. You’ll never be asked to go online and fill out a form, or be told that person isn’t available and no-one else can help. Pure understands that timely and efficient management is the key to long-term wealth creation.

Making the change is easy, just let us know you’re ready for the management you deserve, and we’ll handle the rest, including: transferring your file and information from your current manager, liaising with your accountant and doing a full health check of your property to see where we can add value.

Anna Deam

Licensee - South East Queensland

Anna’s entire professional career has been focused on Property Management. Throughout this time she has established a true passion for first class service and nurturing solid business relationships.

Anna understands the importance of building rapport and creating a professional and productive relationship between landlords and tenants, which is perfectly aligned with Pure Property’s philosophy: “Great business should be great for everyone involved.”

Honesty, reliability and accountability are the characteristics that Anna prides herself on. She is committed to ensuring her clients are always maximising the performance of their investments. She believes that the key to a successful management relationship is clear communication and attention to detail.

Anna is Pure Property’s Licensee for South East Queensland where she grew up and has worked here whole career. She has an intimate understanding of the challenges that owners and tenants face, with every aspect of their property being actively managed.

Jane Lestone

Licensee - Greater Hunter

Jane is a 20 year veteran of the Real Estate business and takes great pride in the fact that she has been a Property Management specialist her whole career. Recognised as one of the elite property managers in the business, Jane was an easy choice to make when deciding who would lead Pure Property Management.

Coming from a 4th generation farming family and growing up on the land she is no stranger to hard work, Jane’s honest, authentic and respectful nature is something that all who deal with her will find a refreshing and welcome change. Combine this with an unmatched attention to detail and a knowledge base and experience that is second to none, Jane is the consummate professional in Asset management.

If you are ready for an upgrade in the service you receive for your asset management, get in touch with Jane, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

team member at pure property management

Katie Lawrence

Property Manager

Katie has had over 25 years’ experience in management and customer service roles in various industries, including Commercial Real Estate.
Her honesty, reliability and attention to detail is what makes her a perfect fit for Pure Property Management.  Katie prides herself on getting the job done right the first time.

Meeting new people and building strong relationships with her clients is what Katie enjoys most about her role.  She believes that ‘communication is the key’ when it comes to interacting with landlords, tenants, potential clients and tradespeople.

Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to trusting her as your Property Manager.

team member at pure property management

Katie Trinh

Property Officer

Having worked in commercial property management after completing a Bachelor of Property Economics, Katie’s passions lie in providing exceptional service and attention to detail for each landlord, tenant and property.

She approaches challenges with diligence and innovation with respect to the needs of all involved.

team member at pure property management

Jacinta Crickmore

Property Manager

Having owned and operated a retail business for 14 years, Jacinta knows the challenges faced by business owners today. Her passion for commercial property management developed 11 years ago when she successfully took on a small portfolio of family-owned commercial properties. Jacinta likes to have a true understanding of her tenant’s businesses, knowing what they do and how they operate. She believes that developing this rapport with tenants and owners is the best way to negotiate a win-win solution for all parties.

Jacinta takes a pro-active approach to property management and prides herself on following every commitment through to resolution. She also applies this attitude to her career and personal development, keeping up to date on all registration and legislative requirements and furthering her industry knowledge at every opportunity.

team member at pure property management

Bridgette Baylouni

Senior Property Manager

Bridgette is a a highly meticulous and proactive professional who has over ten years of industry experience and demonstrated success in managing day to day operations. She has a proven track record in building strong stakeholder relationships while managing complex commercial projects and administrative duties.

Bridgette is recognised as an authentic, collaborative team player who delivers excellence by ‘going above and beyond’ to exceed client expectations.

Andrew Glen


With 15 years experience as Director of a commercial property company with holdings on the east coast of Australia, Andrew has an intimate knowledge of maximising commercial property investment returns for shareholders.

With responsibilities including strategic direction, property purchases, lease negotiations, financial and debt strategies, and stakeholder liaison, he is familiar with all aspects of commercial property investment and management.

Andrew has acted as a Development Manager for an $80m residential subdivision, and is currently the Chairman of the Body Corporate Committee for a mixed-use building in South Brisbane.

Andrew is also the Managing Director for a Wholesale Funds Management Company, including commercial property Real Estate Investment Trusts. He brings a wealth of experience and drive to Pure’s leadership and management team.

Gavan Reynolds


In a career spanning two decades, Gavan’s dedication to property and passion for the craft of Auctioneering has seen him rise to be not only the most prolific auctioneer in the hunter, but also the region’s most sought after.

Week in, week out, Gavan is representing some of the industry’s leading agencies, real estate professionals and in turn their clients for a quality and consistency of result that surpasses expectations.

As a founder and Director of Pure Property Management, Gavan’s commitment to excellence in both performance and service means that the best possible outcome is always achieved.

With a style and confidence that encourages an inclusive and supportive process, Gavan prides himself on getting the challenging deals done and providing a level of service rivalled by very few across the national real estate landscape. A reputation built on going the extra mile, Gavan’s knowledge, experience and energy means that every aspect of Pure Property Management serves to maximise the return for our clients.

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